How to Find Your Ideal Pooch!

1. Start by choosing the perfect BREED for your situation.  

2. Then find the right BREEDER - one who will start your precious puppy off properly with good socialisation.  

3. Next, make sure the LITTER you are choosing from is not inbred and has great parents - dogs you wouldn't mind owning yourself.

4. But which PUPPY has the right temperament for you

That's where the Perfect Match Puppy Personality Quiz comes in.

You're a great owner who does their research, right?

With it you can quickly and easily test puppies to see which has the best personality for you.

Watch the video to find out more, then get your Puppy Quiz here.

You deserve a great canine companion.  

One that's an ideal match for your forever home.

After all, you could be spending the next 15 years or more together; longer than most human relationships!

So give yourself the best chance

of finding your perfect pup! 

8 simple but scientific tests.

15 minutes per puppy.

Easy to do almost anywhere.

Mobile friendly.

Instant results, plus report sent to you.

Good for pups from 6 to 10 weeks old.

Short video examples to help you.

The Perfect Match Puppy Personality Quiz

Once you've found your ideal breed, a great breeder, and the right litter, you're just one step away from finding your ideal canine companion.   

I developed the Perfect Match Puppy Personality Quiz after years of research and testing .   

Now you can choose a puppy whose personality is a perfect match for you and enjoy a great ownership experience for years to come.

Dr Meg Howe, PhD.  Veterinarian and registered breeder.

Thanks for giving us the perfect addition to our family!

Tracee and Brett, Kardinya WA, Australia

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